Course typos and mistakes


Using my existing google account to register on this forum produced an error. I had to create a new account and complete the details manually to successful register. Hope the feedback helps…


That works. Thanks, Ivan!


@theTOE @ivan Hi Ivan, I am having a similar issue with the Harvard video in the sense when I hit the youtube play button the course menu takes up 1/3 of the screen so I am not getting full screen of the video on my ipad. I tried maximizing the screen within the youtube video to no avail. Is there a way to minimize the course menu or pop out the youtube video on a webpage? If anyone else is reading this and knows the fix, let me know. For now I will just go straight to youtube.


I came here to point this out too. I haven’t made it any further in the course yet but i think it would be nice to know exactly which book we will need.


On the Harvard lecture, in the left hand bar, Harvard is spelled wrong.


On the page “Course support - How to reach us”, the link to the toshitimes blog is wrong.

The written text is correct, but the underlying link is wrong.


The link is in “Introduction by Filip” at the very top of the page (above the video): “Link to my Youtube-channel:


There is an error in the quiz for “Inheritance & Visibility”. The answer for question #3 is incorrect. The correct answer should be: “Internal” limits a functions visibility to the contract and all contracts that inherit from it (ie. 3rd option).

However the answer is currently set as the 1st option: “Internal” limits a functions visibility to the contract and it’s parents.


I found another error in the quiz for “Payable Functions & Modifiers”. Again it is for question #3. And the correct answer should be the 2nd option (not the 1st as it currently is).

Let me just make sure I understood it correctly. From the video, the _ (underscore) in a modifier is used to tell the EVM to continue execution of the function, not abort execution. Is that correct? If so the answer should be option #2 instead of #1.


“and will fill in” sounds better.


Yes, right you are…


Thank you @doon! Updated :slight_smile:




Reading assignment - HTML:

“might be the first time you ever see code.” should be “might be the first time you have ever seen code.”.


@clicksady Make sure you click complete and continue after the lesson so you can mark your progress. It says 0% in the picture and honestly marking up the progress will make sure you know where you left off. Just a tip. :smiley:


Discussion instead of dicsussion… Typo in the link



I’m not sure if a function really is a type of value. Maybe someone can explain…


Another quiz error. I wonder if some of those answers we never set and just default to option #1?

This is in the Common Pitfalls, Tips & Tricks, question 3. Answer is option #1 currently, but from what I gathered the correct answer should be #2 (“We don’t know how much gas that transaction will consume, which can lead to unplanned function behaviour.”)

Also there is a typo on the last word of the sentence, which reads: “Why shouldn’t we perform loops in solidity without a fixed number of interactions?” Instead, “interactions” should be replaces with “iterations”, correct?


A typo in Optional: Introduction to Computer Science - MIT Lecture:

This is a wonderful lecture talking about computer science and cimputation. Although this lecture if optional I highly encourage you to watch it to get an overview of the field before we get our hands dirty.


I think there is a very small typo in the Assignment hint - lists (use only after you tried on your own) section.
In the first sentence i think you want to say “lists” NOT “links”, right ??
If you’ve spend hours trying to figure out links in HTML…