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Course Feedback
Course Feedback

“Meet Filip” mentions a link to his youtube channel which i couldn’t find so i had to search for myself


INDENDED instead of INTENDED in the first paragraph of DISCLAIMER


please leave the link here.



Thanks, the link color was black, we had to make the link red should be clear now!

Course Feedback

The “Litterature” section on the left bar on the course should only have one “t”.


Just corrected it, thanks.


Introduce Yourself:

“get 100% our of this course” should be “get 100% out of this course”.


What to do if I am completely stuck?:

“struggling with a questions you know” should be “struggling with a question you know”.


Programming vs Programming on the Blockchain:

Video thumbnail:- “writing binary squences” should be “writing binary sequences”


Reading Assignment - Variables
7 / 7
What is the result of this? ( 10+22)%3. HINT: Read about modulo operation.

Don’t know if this was intended bracket space and then number ( 10+22)

And maybe would be good to know if there was a hint multiple answers.


“Assignment hint - lists (use only after you tried on your own)”
you write
“If you’ve spend hours trying to figure out links in HTML and still cannot get it to work we have a hint for you.”
It should be lists not links, since we are trying to figure out lists not links.


“Understanding Web Technology - Hardvard Lecture”
you write
“[…] everything we’ve learned and will in some of the gaps you currently might have about HTML.”
Should probably be “[…] and will fill some of the gaps […]”


Programming vs Programming on the Blockchain minute 6: you misspelled sequences on your whiteboard :slight_smile:


The web lecture at Harvard is really nice, but not that hard - and certainly not Hardvard :wink:


This is under: Understanding If-Else Deeper

“If the boolean expression within the if-brackets evaluates to False the code inside the if-clause if not executed…”

Pretty sure you meant: “If the boolean expression within the if-brackets evaluates to False then the code inside the if-clause will not be executed”


The title of “Understanding Web Technology - Hardvard Lecture” should be spelled Harvard.


In the disclaimer at the start of the course, “purposes” is missing an “r”. :slight_smile:

“The material, videos and source code in this course are only intended for educational puposes and should NOT be used as production code.”


On top of the “Loops - Reading Assignment” page, the introductory text reads:
“Welcome to this reading assignment on Binding, Functions and Control Flow that will actually cover a lot.”

This is the same text from “Binding, Functions and Control Flow - Reading Assignment”.