Course Feedback


Thanks Ivan! I just started, but i think it will be very interesting and informative !!!


I like how there isn’t a tutorial for installing Node on Linux. If you are on Linux you already know the command line :wink:


I’m still in the beginning of the course, but I would like to suggest an option to have the information off line. It would be good to still have access to the course material, even if I am out of my base in a location without internet. Thanks and congrats!


The course content is very organized and specific. You can tell a good amount of time and effort went into making this course very detailed and spread out. Can’t wait to get started!


Suggestion: It would pretty nice in that the end the course. You point some projects that need volunteers on GitHub. So we can apply our experience.


Did anybody else have problems pulling stock data after watching the CS50 course?

function quote() {
  var url = '/quote?symbol=' + $('#symbol').val();
  $.getJSON(url, function(data) {


i have been in the computer arena for over 40 years and still learning:nerd_face:slowly


Very interesting material is presented in this course - the inner workings of the box in front of us. Thank you.


i have completed a couple of Blockchain related courses but this has to be 'the best ’ i have seen

great Job Ivan


Hello @ivan ,

the “JavsScript Programming” section was on a perfect level for beginners.
I felt good guided through the course.

The length of the videos are optimal and the time need to spend to read the papers is also adequate.



It is awesome, well organized and rich in content.
I am lucky to be in such course.


Hello @ivan

I felt very well guided through my first JavaScript experience.
The fail I mentioned in I am completely stuck might be just a little confusing in case of mine because I’m naturally hasty, nevermind.

I’m excited about the upcoming C++ chapter. Currently, due to my university works, I’m very into C++.

Kind regards
OtenMoten :space_invader:


is the content in this course still relevant and up to date?