Course Feedback


It is still early to give a deep opinion. For now, the course is well structured.


Hey @ivan many thanks for another great course! I completes your “Deep Fundamentals” course (twice actually) and have been “smashing the likes” for a while on your channel. I do have two requests that I asked for during “Deep Fundamentals” and I will repeat my request here:

  1. Please add subtitles. Some of us are visually oriented learners and might have hearing impairments. Subtitles would tremendously increase the amount of information we can retain. Having visual input to reinforce audio would probably benefit many folks here.

  2. Please consider adding “offline data” as an “expiring content type”. I completely understand the need to protect your ip, but I travel a lot. Being able to complete course material while on airplanes would be amazing…!



its bit early to give a feedback , i will come back after i completed the course and give a feedback. So far what i see is good.


I have personally really liked the intro to this course and cant wait to learn what is to come.


This Video wont play in Australia …
Optional: Introduction to Computer Science - MIT Lecture


YouTube says “not available in Australia”? or is it some technical connection error?


I have been on the HTML assignment for several weeks. I finally got through it today. It’s kind of amazing how thappy I feel!! Thank you, Ivan and everyone here xox


Iota programming would be nice. Especially with ETH programming. Maybe the two could work together.


How about creating your blockchain from scratch? Not in your course but many ICOs are starting to do this instead. Just incase ETH fails and all. Atomic swaps is also a big deal. What do I do if I want my DApp to use BTC or IOTA? Plz teach us. :slightly_smiling_face:


More front end development would be nice. Also native apps, since not everything should/can be done on the web.


Click on the red you tube arrow and the screen goes fuzzy. “This video contains content from MIT. It is not available in your country.”
I’m sure I can move on with out it …all good, don’t be distracted. good stuff.


Hi Ivan,

I am in the C++ section and the “codeblock” is not working properly in my mac. Is the below suggested approach safe for the mac?


Your literally installing an Apple verified program, made by Apple from the App Store… Natively you’ll have C++ on your machine, but the compiler (gcc/g++) needs to be installed with Xcode (Apples developer software). You’ll probably get quicker answers to your problems through Google, just use basic decision logic to see what everyone keeps saying about your problem.

Some great resources are;


I also got the same thing for some reason. I live in Southern California. All I did to get around it was turn on my VPN and connected to a European Server.


Hey Ivan,

the introduction into the course was very well.
Now, I’m starting with HTML.

After the HTML section I will leave a comment as promised.



Great stuff so far, very exciting!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Ivan,

the HTML section was quite easily.
The most best at this section was the video from Harvard - haha!
(I found a typo and posted it into Course typos and mistakes)

I will do the additional reading, thanks.



I have a problem with installing Code Blocks. I watched the video on how to install Code Blocks in Mac, but I am not able to install it. It will appear in my downloads, and when I open it, it won’t open. Need help because I can’t move on the course without installing it. Just to clarify some questions, I am using a mid-2012 15-in Macbook Pro with OSX Lion 10.7.5 and its specs are a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024MB GPU. I have already installed the latest version of Xcode for my OSX Lion (Version 6.4.1 I think) If anyone can help, Mac appreciated!


For anyone who wants to help, it’s fine. I figured out the problem.


Looks very interesting! I will keep going and write later my hole feedback.