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It will be nice to have Closed Caption on the video. Thanks.


There is an error in the quiz for topic Inheritance & Visibility in the Ethereum Smart Contracts section.

Question 3: What does the visibility level internal do?
Answer according to the quiz: “Internal” limits a functions visibility to the contract and it’s parents.
Actual correct answer: “Internal” limits a functions visibility to the contract and all contracts that inherit from it.


Thank you @matto! Updated it now.


I found another one :slight_smile:

Topic: External Contracts & Interfaces (in Ethereum Smart Contracts section) :

What are interfaces used for?
Answer according to the quiz: To create structs
Actual correct answer: To interact with external contracts


Heya folks,

I will create a comment every section I succeeded.
The “welcome”-section answered all my questions.

Thanks for the introduction.


I think it will be amazing.Looks perfectly structured .Ivan, thanks for the course !


Throw issues like this in here: Course typos and mistakes


I can barely hear you. Volume on your daily webcast is Ok, but for some reason the I have all sound controls turned to max but very low sound level. I’m using Bluetooth ear phones for both daily broadcast and the crypto course.


I wanna see you update your progress :slight_smile: :smile:


I’m right now at 14%, going well so far :sunglasses:


I’m enjoying the content so far. I’ve been venturing off into the additional suggested videos and playing around with code.

It’s good stuff so far.


Super excited with the course, Ivan.

Content is well organised and easy to follow. This is professional stuff.


Hi Ivan,
Right now, we can’t see videos in theatre mode. Please make changes, so that to we can close the course content (like we have in Udemy) while we watch videos. I dont want to watch the videos in full screen mode. I would like to watch full screen in left half of the screen and practice it on the right side on another window.


Completed HTML. It is excellent approach and I liked it lot.

  • Reading exercise
  • video teaching
  • pgm exercise
  • video solution
  • approach to get answers (google or other ways to get answers)
  • Additional material

Never saw these many approaches in online training. Glad to be part of it. Thanks a lot Ivan.


Great course, great organization, congratulations.


Hello @ivan and team…

Please consider adding subtitles to your videos for future classes. I know this would have been a tall order for your launch… but woudl be very helpful for those who are hearing impaired, such as myself.

So far so good… hopefully this adds some value in the future. Thanks again for being awesome.


@ivan @filip Hey guys, I don’t know how doable it is but I was thinking in regards to this forum that it might be nice to have an option to list posts in a thread ordered by most voted. Something similar to what Stack Overflow does so the most helpful comments appear first.
It might be useful for when someone asks a question and gets a million replies. People who have a similar query, perhaps even months after the original post, could find out what they need to know reasonably quickly.


I think i’ll take a lot of time in this course .
My English is not very fluent ,but I can take all the concept Ivan share, it’s very helpful for me.


+1 Good suggestion, that would be nice.


Also a transcript of what you are saying would help… i.e.: you are studying from a network where youtube does not go through proxy,…