Course Feedback


Good so far, I made it through the Intro :sunglasses:


Hablo ingles pero he estuve tratando de aprender español y ahora voy a intentar de aprender como programar tambien. Si podría hacer ambos en el mismo tiempo, yo sentiría como dios… Desafortunademente, no soy muy inteligente pero puedo intentar, por lo menos. ¡Buen idea!


Excited to get started. Everything looks well thought out and put together.


looks really awesome. bless u Ivan


Great Initiative. I really like the idea of going beyond the scope of a simple course. Building a community, enable people to know and help each other, work together and share ideas. I am really looking forward to meet and interact with all you interesting people.
See ya around :slight_smile:


The organization and the content of course is pretty amazing.

One thing that i want to point out which was not quite good for me is there is no automatic transition to new video. I would love some kind of auto-play feature to complete and move forward maybe with a timeout and replay option.

Also, for me, the previous lecture button and the complete and continue button were not appealing as i missed them for a couple of lectures and i was clicking for the new lecture from the navigation. I realized that even though I had completed the lectures the navigation showed I had not done so. Then I looked around and found those buttons.

Other than that I am very much happy and excited about the course. I have been following Ivan on youtube for quite a while now and i love his work. Keep it up Guys. I don’t regret investing in this course.


I agree,
the completed or go back in lectures buttons on top should be at least colorised differently…
I suggest for back/previous button red or orange and next/completed with green or blue.

also if I reply to a person I don’t see it visually in this thread
(for example I was referencing to Course Feedback thread)


if i think on how fast you guys build up the course i must say i’m really impressed. good job so far.


Will there be a certificate of completion after finishing the course ?
Would be really nice to link it on my Xing or LinkedIn. : )


Yes there will be a certificate.


Very well organized course, awesome job!


The MENU should have NUMERIC bullets, so it would be faster to point out whatever we are talking about.


Hi Ivan,
I just did some delphi in high school and haven’t touched any programming for about 10 the course so far, seems I will definitely get the basics down from this and start building cool stuff.

Would it be possible to extend it to mobile apps, SQL etc ? A follow up course would be great.


Ivan on Tech Should be nominated for a NOBEL PRIZE! Starting the course today- I am sure it is going to change the lives of many people for the better good!


First off, amazing crash course! Touching on all the fundamentals needed to conceptualize and put in practice some core patterns.

@ivan My only major suggestion to the course, do not use Code::Blocks. It is super buggy and crashes on me every 30 min (rather frustrating). I know MS VisualStudio (free) is likely too cumbersome for the course, but have you considered Visual Studio Code (by Slant)?

It comes w/ built in JavaScript and Node.js support, plus they have plugins for a bunch of other languages (like C++). I’ve played with it a bit and could be a good ‘all-in-one’ IDE for new comers as they will not need to switch between programs when doing JS or C++. The only issue I see currently is that there are extra configuration steps to get it all up and running which may create a high entry barrier (load plugin, ensure compiler is installed, config build settings, create workspace).


Thanks Ivan for this course, i really like the way you set it up.


Update: getting C++ setup for Atom was much easier than Visual Studio Code and much less buggy than Code::Blocks. Could be a good choice for an all inclusive IDE. Plus I like the look, feel and autocomplete of Atom.

To configure Atom for C++ development go to Atom > Preferences > Install > gpp-compiler and press ‘Install’

Note: ‘gcc’ is needed for this gpp-compiler plugin, so if that is not yet installed on the machine check out the “Dependencies” section on this page:

Below is the settings screen in Atom where to Install the gpp-compile package:


Hi, awesome to hear, yeah we will do more courses on programming!


While working thru the Smart Contract Programming Course i have noticed that when you proceed to the next video you have to reset the volume back to the preference you selected in the previous video. My impact is that whenever I move on to the next video the audio play’s back very loud when it first starts. It has been disruptive in the space I was working in!

As a workaround I just lowered the setting on the physical knob on my audio hardware, but if their was a way to keep the audio level the same between the embedded videos it would be a nice improvement.


A possible addition to the course could be a section about documentation (api references) for the different languages. Perhaps have a video in the beginning about how they are valuable (just like Google searching for answers) and then have a link to the appropriate references at the start of the relevant section, eg.: