Course Feedback


I was taking this course lightly but soon realized that there is a ton of information and it was worth every penny! The concept of having a engaged forum is superb. I hope to see more collaboration opportunities with all you smart folks.


So far feels professional for sure. Haven’t had any problems with the course itself. A very nice layout and design. Very well organized as well. Looking forward into learning for sure. I feel motivated. :smiley:


Excited to finally learn coding with everyone and the way this layout of the course is will have me SCHILLING the academy more than @ivan himself lol


Since at first honestly I didn’t expect much more than a bunch of videos uploaded without much feedback and interaction I am more than enthused and pleasantly surprised by this great idea of building a community along with the course, helping each other. My feedback so far: Awesome!


I have completed 6% so far, but I am already thoroughly impressed with the user-friendly layout and methodical nature of your course. I can’t still believe how much value we are receiving! Thank you Ivan and team.


Ivan, I’m still working on BlochChain Fundamentals course ( which is Fantastic) and looking forward to dive into Programming!
A Big Thank You for what you do :+1:!


i need to earn my first like guys, haha.


I just wanted to add a suggestion for the Blockchain Programming Course category here on the forum, as opposed to feedback on the course itself (which I am very excited to be involved in btw).
There seems to be quite a lot of posts already and I’m thinking (because this is still early days) that many, many more posts will be added as time goes by. If I’m at a particular point in the course it might be nice to easily find all post related to that particular section of the course, rather than search through pages and pages looking for something relevant.
The course is structured into categories (Programming Bootcamp, NEM Dapps, etc.), so I thought maybe breaking this Blockchain Programming Course category here in the forum into several sub-categories directly related to the relevant sections in the course. It might make finding particular posts easier to find and help with preventing people posting duplicates about something someone else has already posted.


Wow. I really like the way you have laid out the course as well as the pace of the individual units. Also, I’m very appreciative of the community you are creating. That is truly the heart of any learning.


I’m amazed at the massive effort in this awesome course. so far you got a thumb up Ivan.


Love you guys!!! Ivan your the BEE’S KNEE’S!!!


I am pleased so far.


Great planning of curriculum by covering all segments of programmers. For EOS, I see basic topics, would be great if you guys will add complete use case example of contracts and Dapp samples for EOS. Though I am expecting exchange of wide information here. :slight_smile:


it just started but so far i like your approach and am very excited to be doing this, and really happy that you took the time to set this up. if there where likes id smash them!!! LOL


I’m very excited for learning next best tech ever. i hope after this course my resume will look much more attractive and will lead me to new carrier in blockchain technology . I would suggest to add few more topic there “Business cases for Block Technology” with subtopic - blockchain for finance (fin corporations) , tech company - 1K + employee, And may be you also can summarize the software/hardware to use in the course.
As well may be one topic for QA env

thank you so much for doing this looking forward to study on a daily basis


100% of the motivation for learning everything in this course! I’m totally ready for the journey))


I really satisfied how well organised “The course content is precise and Ivan is very knowledgeable” Making the forum for interactions and getting help or helping others as the forum of Udacity. It looks very professional and well done “The way which Ivan describes the topics”. I want to thank you to Ivan for this opportunity. I am loving this! “Ivan is engaging and keeps us interested in the material”
thank you @ivan:heart_eyes:


Will there be transcripts available soon?
Am trying to follow the request to 'Fill out your profile" but am not finding where to fill it out.


Impressive content and well structured!

Gotta go…have lots to learn :mortar_board:


Very well organized.
I will post more feedback while i go through the course.