Course Feedback


Ah alright, awesome.


Yes. i as well would like to thank you for this great opportunity, every thing appears to be well thought out and organized. The best thing about this is we can go at own pace and time. So if you work this is Perfect.!!


I am very surprised with the wealth of knowledge and organization of this course! Greatest bargain i have ever seen! Thank you Ivan! Can’t wait to learn!


Love the way the course is organized , I started to go through it and i don t want to stop.


Morning Ivan. I have got to be one of the dumbest, oldest and clueless student you will have on your course. I am delighted to be in your class. Consider me your biggest challenge. Awesome to be part of the Toshi Times Community. Sincere thanks Ivan and Felipe


Ivan Thank You very much for this high quality, very elaborated product which will lead us to the moon!)


IVAN: Please include knowledge and “how to” to develop or program Dapps for the new TRON blockchain environment. Considering that JustinSun is providing funding to develop for this new platform.


hope that the course is as well explained as the introduction and as Ivan videos on Youtube. Thanks for this opportunity.


Thanks Ivan, for the new course!

What kind of computer is needed for the course? I am on a Raspberry Pi at the moment.


Been waiting for a while now! I’m ready to dive in! Thanks Ivan and Phillipe for your immense effort.


You can use Raspberry Pi, however to do the EOS part you need at least 8GB RAM if you are running Linux or Mac and 16GB if you are running Windows


Hi Ivan,
I already bought the course but when I try to see it says " Lecture contents locked" " Enroll in Course to Unlock"
and im already signed in.

sorry in advance in im in the wrong place to ask this question!


Please email and we will help you :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks for the quick reply! I’ll use my other desktop when I come to the EOS tutorials.

Thanks again,



So far it’s easy. Web programming done.
Time for Javascript.


I prefer free content and only willing to pay no more than $15 for a course. But I stumbled upon your youtube channel in the beginning of 2018 I was impressed on your attitude towards blockchain and how competent you are. I bought your early access course because I knew(well gambled) that you would pour a lot of love and care into it. From what you put into this course it’s definitely worth more than $90. You inspire me to love learning! Currently only 4%

Edit: I love Firefox Screenshots



I feel smarter already.


I‘m exited and impressed how a young guy like you has so much energy!
Just great - keep pumping.


First Feedback! Fast to resolve problems xD
Thank you for the help, see you soon for more feedbacks!


Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Enjoy the course and let us know if you have any other feedback :slight_smile: