Could you describe Blockchain as Internet V2.0?

Hi all. Just started course and am getting my head around the definition and capability of Blockchain. Ivan mentions internet as being global but anyone can add their own ‘silo’, which is obviousley correct. And my understanding is that Blockchain offers a global immutable security that structurally has far less ‘middle men’, and uses trustless math and protocol, which can also be built on.

So hopefully my question is a fair one from a noobs perpective.

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Hi! I also just starting the course and have some issues but what is your question really?

Ok reading my post back it does seem unclear, sorry. I was trying to ask, is Blockchain, or Ethereum (Blockchain
2.0) comparable to a new evolution of the internet? ie internet 2.0.

Its a data driven platform, can be built on using Dapps and Smart Contracts, is scalable and global, but is more secure and traceable. From what I understand it is not great for trying to send images/videos, which isnt comparible to the internet.

So could we consider, lets say Ethereum then, as internet 2.0, in terms of usability and adoption?

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Aah then I got it.

I was working in IT/finance sector in 1997-2002 and know what you are talking about. Theese days where crazy, possabilites and optimistim was endless.

One year ago I discovered blockchain from a business perspective and I really got this wow-feeling again and when I started to dig deeper on this it was even more “wow”. The business opportunities are endless from my perspective.

So yes the revolution of Internet and the revolution of Blockchain are similliar.

The usage of “Blockchain” shall be put in relation/comparison with the other technique, “Database”. So if you want to send videos for example the technique to use is rather using database than blockchain. This is just my ideas, does it make sence?

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Great answer to my question. So its more relateable to a new database revolution, but on an internet scale because of its potential.

Phew lol, thanks buddy.


Take care

Deffo! And there’s a 3rd wave coming with IPFS as well . . decentralised web DNS alternatives using hashed storage and so on, early stages atm, If you watch the daily Ivan show that’s what the Unstoppable Domains are building out with the .crypto and .zil domains.

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