Console assignment


Hello Ivan. This code does not work in my webfile… let d = new date();
document.body.innerHTML = "

Today’s date is " + d + “

I get the error message…uncaught reference. date is not defined?


Hi there, try new Date() with capital D.


Hi Ivan. I really do not understand what’s going on. Everything else works except this “LET d = new date” code. I am unable to go with this part of the course…


Lol i really wasn’t giving up on this. I even had something to eat and came back to it.

I wasn’t typing console.log (d) it just dawned on me lol.

Cheers. I really like how this course gets us thinking for ourselves.

Brilliant Ivan


Awesome! This is the life of all developers, you encounter a problem that requires you to search for solutions. Good luck with the course.