Community Projects for Newbies

I am learning blockchain fundamentals and interested in finding projects where I may contribute while learning the basics – I’ve heard this is the best way to learn and to network. Where do folks suggest I and other newbies find blockchain community projects? Being beginners, how may we contribute?

This is a brilliant question. I too would love to get involved with a project in any role although i am very interested in coding. Have been working from the “eloquent js” ebook will get back on practical but i’m with you on this one.

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You could always try developing your own mini-game using Unity and trying to tokenize using enjin. That’d be an interesting way to develop your knowledge and abilities while also experiencing blockchain integration first hand.

I haven’t taken the enjin course yet, but I’d assume that’d give you some exposure to coding and applying your blockchain learning.

I have loads of ideas for Blockchain pratical uses. And I am trying, testing, learning a lot by doing. At the moment I am compiling my first blockchain fork, but it is not going as easy as I want it to go. (It can go easy by just Forking, but I really want to know how the code works). At the moment I am doing this mostly by myself and I am realizing I am going to need more people involved. So could/should take action and create things without thinking about money in the first place. Most people I talk with are wanting to see money first, talk later. I am in Blockchain for the long run and I am willing to put efforts in projects long term and not solely money focussed.

Edit: with money focussed, I mean: Filling your own pockets and leave!

Always open for connections and people who whant to try, fail and try again!

Just my 2sats
Cheerz Steven


Hi @StevenHodlmans, what sort of help do you need with your project at this time? Perhaps I could lend a hand.

Also interested into projects, which I can contribute to. It is a lot easier to learn things buy doing. Let me know if there is something we could engage together.

Oh look. :smiley:
For those who are still interested in joining a DApp Project to learn developing, please check this out. I think this is something for you.
@mattprime, @BitcoinAlchemist, @NetworkP

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Great that you are doing this project! I will try to find some time to contribute to it. You can also directly contact me if there is something I can help you with.

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