Clean PC Setup for SmartContracts


I will be starting IVAN’s course on the blockchain and smart contracts programming. I have also decided to setup a Virgin PC with an OS and then all the C++, HTML, JAVA tools needed to get through the course without the distractions of miners, personal info and school work. It will be something I can BrEaK and reIMAGE as required.

I need your input on the basics to include for software/OS based on the course that I will be following and coding along with as the course progresses. I can go with just about any format PC or version OS just want a reliable option that will not add be added burden to maintain.


Hi i am thinking the same, i hear rumours that EOS you need 16M ram on your PC to run environment ??


I have no idea…

So it would be really nice for someone to provide a guide to setup a machine that will meet all requirements of following along in the course.

I had considered a spare laptop but it’s limited to 4GB, the unit a desktop has 8GB. If that’s the case I’ll need to find another route for my programming PC.


Oh wait… 16M is rather minimal… If that is what you really meant… From what I reading the main consensus is to go Linux… But what flavor? I saw Ubuntu mentioned, so does that also include Mint which I think is a derivative of Ubuntu or a wrapper for the user interface. I have played around with it before and it installed nicely on a laptop without major headaches with drivers.


Not sure but I think you might be confusing block producers and smart contract developers. EOS projects that over time block producers will require 4TB of RAM and potentially as high as 16TB. Not sure exactly what the requirements are for smart contract developers but no doubt this is much, much less.

Have a look at the EOS Dawn 4.0 release notes, where they explain some of this in more detail:

For more information on EOS Dawn 4.0 and Mainnet requirements I would suggest going through their GitHub repository:


I’m trying to find info on hardware too. I only have an iPad at the moment.


You will need a minimum of 8GB of Ram for EOS.
I imagine any 64bit OS should be fine, I’ve opted for Ubuntu 18.04


@TexasGEEK , the “parrot security” GNU/Linux distro seems to be a good choice as

  1. It contains wallet software out of box
  2. It contains a pre-configured tor out of box (which is beginner friendly)
  3. There is a “tor for everything” on/off switch (which is beginner friendly)
  4. Debian based (if you are familiar with Ubuntu, your skills should work for parrot)

I’m neither related to the named distro team, nor am I advertising. That is just my opinion.
P.S. If your are not going to interact with the “main net” and put real money in it, then TOR features are irrelevant. However, you might still want to learn about them and try using them as well.