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Just getting to the “Acceptable Jumping” lecture for the new Unity course, awesome by the way!

However, there seems to be no audio. The lectures before and after are fine.


P.S. It seems “Collecting Coins” also has no audio.

Teachable has some bugs with it atm, try refreshing the page, the audio is there :slight_smile:

I have already finished the course because the videos are easy enough to follow and understand. It is strange though, as I go back to see them today, they are still the same. Seemingly only those two… strange.

Anyway. Thanks. Great course.

Hi Ivan, I just started the course today. I was able to download Unity Hub and follow through all the steps. However, when i tried creating a new project it says invalid license. Is there a way to solve this problem? I have a macbook pro.


solved! I was able to solve this when I tried activating new license with a new gmail account.

Could it be that the sound v/o for the “Acceptable Jumping” in the Unity 101 is missing/buggy?

Experiencing the same issue w/ “Collecting Coins” - a bit of a pitty when the classes are building up on one another. Do you have a bounty on the bugs? How about a free shoutout on the show to - the tech community around Frankfurt? :wink:

Hi Ivan

I’m having the sound problem on the same 2 lectures. Have reloaded and rebooted. Nothing helps. I’m running a Chrome browser, Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). I strongly suspect there is an issue with the audio on these 2 lectures.

Thanks - TY.

Hey sorry for that! @TonyY @Make_Europe

We had issues with the sound on 2 lectures - “Acceptable Jumping” and “Collecting Coins”.
Should be fixed now, please let us know if you find more issues!

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Thanks Ivan - had the same audio issues earlier but it’s all fixed now. Fun course - I adapted it to do the same thing using Godot instead, funnily enough Enjin are Platinum Sponsors of that Game Engine, so it will be interesting to see if I can adapt what I learn from the next course into that. Just one very minor thing - One of the courses has a spelling mistake - it is titled: “Spawning Conis” on the Left hand side nav bar and the title where it should be “Spawning Coins”

Looking forward to the next one - the blockchain meat of the course :smiley: - Thanks

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