Blocks Solved at The Same Time

Is it possible for there to be 3 blocks, or 10 blocks or more, solved by miners at the same time where one is block propegated and potentially multiple blocks become stale? I guess that would mean multiple forks at once?

The longest chain wins, so it’s possible multiple “versions” get propogated simultaneously, but ultimately nodes will choose the longest chain.

This is why exchanges often require 3-6 confirmations prior to funds being deposited so that they reduce their risk exposure to stale blocks.

Hey fairerplay, thank you for response! I mainly wondered how many simultaneous blocks could be solved at any given time. Good to know it can be more than two. I do understand the importance of confirmations. Such a helpful community. :grinning:

The likelihood is very small though, but technically there is no limit as to how many miners can solve the same block at the same time.