Blockchain Programming opportunities


What’s up guys, I’m currently going through Ivan’s course and am curious what the next step would be after finishing the course. As far as working in the blockchain space. Where does one get their first “job” as a programmer?


Good question, I am also curious to know what the answer is.


I am following this thread. I am new and would like to know this as well. I still have a lot to learn. :sweat_smile:


Hi guys, I have been following Ivan’s channel for a few months now. From what I understand, once we successfully complete the course we’ll have the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to write some code and publish it on GitHub for example. We may collaborate with the people we’ll meet in the course, or maybe with other people to create some projects.
After that when we apply for positions advertised in the crypto space, we can share links to the works we have published or contributed work toward.
There are some websites specialised in crypto-related jobs like for example

Where to find Crypto/Blockchain related jobs?

One good source would be this forum in and off itself.

My company sometimes looks for additional developers (depends on the projects) and I’m sure there are others in the 1,500+ people on here that are in a similar situation. if we have such a need I’ll make sure that it is posted on here for all to see, working remotely is perfectly acceptable in those cases.

Alternatively, or rather simultaneously, some of the members could collaborate on a simple project and publish this on GitHub to show of their awesome new skills and to start building out a reputation.

There are also others on here that are building blockchain solutions as part of their capstone project, they may be quite open to opportunities to collaborate on such a project. One example you can find here: 2 Month Blockchain Project Ideas


Awesome! Thanks, for the info. I’m excited to see what this community produces!