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Hi Ivan/Filip,

Besides Upwork, what other sites would you recommend to apply for Blockchain jobs after finishing this course ? As new to this space, what would be the best way to convince the employers that we are the right person for the job ?

Also, are you open guys to be partnered with other IT consulting companies as well ? Just a thought may be you could expand your business in Asia.

Hope you could recommend us more information based from your experience also.



Hi Gears80,

I’m a programmer who has been job-searching. Here are some links I’ve bookmarked. Maybe something here will help you out.

  1. Angel List Bitcoin Jobs
  2. Bitcoin Pub
  3. Block Tribe
  4. Blockchain Dev Jobs
  5. Crypto Jobs List
  6. Linked In - Blockchain Jobs



Thanks Jeff! These are good resources for job searching.


Thank you Jeff. You will not believe this but I found an interesting project on Someone asks to have new cryptocurrency developed. Haven’t visited freelancer for couple years now but it just popped into my head. I think it’s also worth to watch.



Hi @Gears80, @JeffM!

I’m going through jobs at freelance and I’m liking it more and more. There’re actually real blockchain jobs/projects over there like “I need someone to create an ICO for me” - whitepaper, wallet, website, etc.

They have currently got a promotion running so feel free to use my referral link bellow.



Thanks for the link and comments, @donald77. I’ve saved the site and will check it out!


Thank you all for the great Blockchain work/freelancing resources!