BitShares Is The Best Exchange Operating Today


Hey all, I’ve come to shill BitShares. Normally I wouldn’t but the price is so low and its such great technology that if the core believers don’t get out there and bring attention then it just will never take off. I will just list some basics of why you should be looking more into this project.

It’s a decentralized exchange that works RIGHT NOW.

What is a decentralized exchange? It means that if I run the software and you run the software then we can exchange together without the need for a 3rd party. This is what cryptocurrency is all about. Centralized exchanges will only continue to become more regulated in the future. On BitShares you give away no personal information and there are no limits on withdrawals. The exchange will not be regulated because it is not centralized. It doesn’t exist in any one country.

It has the BEST TECH.

BitShares was designed from the ground up to be the best blockchain possible by Dan Larimer and his team. BitShares has the fastest transaction times of any blockchain and already has more volume than any other blockchain.

I encourage you to look more into it yourselves.

Here is a link to the online exchange:

Also a link to website where you can read the documentation:

So, what do you think about BitShares?


I like bitUSD, more legit than Tether, really good and underrated thing… and all these options for hedging, doing advanced operations, very useful.

But Bitshares has so low liquidity and it’s slow and didn’t even integrated ERC20 tokens right? So i don’t think it can be a killer dex. It was one of first but didn’t manage to build liquidity and get popular. Even now when even centralized exchanges try to get this kind of tech it doesn’t get traction. So there must be something wrong with it or it had bad timing and no pump.

There is so many competitors comming here and they will be faster. I hope something will bit big legacy exchanges but it’s not easy… more likely is big exchange will make such a dex and win because it can provide big liquidity from the start.

And also why do you talk about price? This system works whatever price BTS has right? Maybe you should buy OBITS? There was something like that what pays interest right?

Komodo is doing atomic swaps. Maybe this is future if it works.

And no. The best IMO is Binance :wink: Of Dexes? BTS is in top, sure.