Bitcoin won't see mass adoption unless this happens


Google & Facebook have banned Bitcoin and crypto related ads;
Bitcoin is a decentralized organization/company for online payments just like Paypal;
No marketing; no company;

ans = The Bitcoin project is set for failure in this current ecosphere.

We have to get social media users to move to an environment which is not controlled by regulators that are increasingly scrutinizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has to be marketed elsewhere. This is where Blockchain projects have to step in. Decentralized social media platforms like Steemit and Dtube are very powerful when it comes to incentivizing their users to participate in their networks and we need more of them. We need a decentralized Facebook and Instagram DAPPs that reward their participants directly and fund their valuable posts with tokens or maybe with Bitcoin directly. And instead of Google, a blockchain based search engine (BBSE). Combined with an identity coin like Citizen, a BBSE could use consumer data and preferences (without ever owning/controlling them) to display better, more personalized search results for users. And if advertising was added, BBSE users would benefit as well, earning tokenized “commissions” in exchange for seeing the ads — removing the adversarial relationship that exists today.
Then and only then we can start spreading news that promotes Bitcoin on these platforms like hyped up clickbait price predictions, stories of Popstars getting their hands on Bitcoin, 50 Cent’s hodling journey. Bitcoin has to be advertised even more than other cryptocurrencies and ICOs on Web 3.0 . Bitcoin was the reason all of these technologies exist and it’s time for us to return the favor.
The reason why Google dominates is their data and AI expertise. We must put this money that was raised for these projects into work and fund all kind of software engineers, AI, Web, Android, iOS developers, and digital marketers. This might take several years But with strong enough token incentives and quality content, it seems safe to say that news would spread. A worldwide cryptocurrency cannot exist in a non-crypto economy.

This post was inspired by Ivan On Tech’s video: Time is Running Out For Bitcoin? Programmer explains.

And a video from this amazing new youtuber Kevin Healy titled: Can we fix social media with cryptocurrencies?

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