Billion Dollar Idea


I did the business class from Ivan on Tech and I came up with a billion dollar idea.

I literally did- but how do i go about monetizing my idea?

I cant give up to many details because its so simple that Im surprised noone came up with, but how can i make money on it and develop that idea without someone stealing it from me?

Or would it be better to patent that idea? How to go about that?

I would even have the money to get the project running but to be honest- as easy as that idea is- its way above my skill level.

It basically has to do with image recognition and this idea is extendable to the outmost, seriously sky is the imit.

How do I find someone i can trust that can develop that project for me without ripping me off?

I dont even need a long sales pitch or anything, all i need is 5 seconds to explain my idea.


I was thinking I explain my idea on steemit or , but does this count me as the inventor of that idea?
Does that even mean anything just cause I came up with that idea?

This shit just blows my mind- i mean its so fucking simple

Seriously guys please help me how i can sell my idea?
and you all need that idea, i swear to god, if you know what my idea is and its released you will literally ask yourself how could i live with out it.

I sell that idea for 1 billion$ and you get all the rights anything and im sue you can make a trillion
I know i sound like a troll on crack but honestly guys Im dead serious, sober, drinking tea.


or why not make that project open-source?

and if i make it open-source are there even ways for me to monetize it other than with a donate button?


If there’s one thing I’ve heard consistently from entrepreneurs over the years it’s “you have to be open to discuss your ideas, especially with those who would be your target market. Otherwise, how do you know it’d even be of value?”

Many loopholes brought out in conversation can help either reinforce aspects of your idea or make you realize it isn’t as amazing as you think (I’m not saying this is the case, I’m just saying without being open, you won’t know until it’s too late).

Also, chances are if it’s so simple, someone has thought of it or is currently working on it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t develop your idea, it just means you likely have some competition.

The likelihood of bumping into someone who’s SO motivated and driven to actually steal and capitalize on your idea is unlikely. It’s a risk, but so is developing a product/solution without first discussing with people.

That’s my two cents!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Make sure you are thinking in terms of decentralization
Why does this project need to be decentralized?
Who can censor it?
Is the content being stored large bytes? If so, will it go on a side chain or an existing service? Is that existing service centralized?

You idea may be great, but the technical challenges begin and then force you to alter your original idea.

Also, how do you make money? Easy…
Tokenization. Create the project, create tokens to use it. Own some tokens for developing it. If people use it and can’t live without it, they buy more and more tokens, then the tokens become worth a billion dollars.

You don’t even need an ICO. just a programmer who will do the work and hold some tokens like you.