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Hello Dear Bethash Users!

We have glad to announce that we have resolved the security and safety issue which appeared yesterday on EOS Network without jeopardizing the fairness of the game. will utilize the Digital Signature Algorithm (#DSA) to ensure both the fairness and the safety of the gaming results.

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And Bethash has a special surprise for you!

Cheers! We will airdrop 100 HP and 1 USDT to all our players within 24 hours from now on.

Also, for each player who reaches 100k USDT betting volume today we will give you another 100 USDT bonus!!

Bonus list will announce in 24 hours!

Thanks Team

Bethash will be listing a new cryptocurrency soon, #TEM!

Temtum is a new, lightweight, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency where anyone can support the Temporal Blockchain network, creating a new world of financial freedom away from centralized institutions.

#TEM deposits & withdrawals will be activated soon!

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Bethash’s dividend awards continue to grow.

By stashing your HASH tokens, you get passive income even while you are asleep.

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