Benefits of using Blockchain - Discussion

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It is secured, trustable, transparent.

You don’t have to put explicit your own servers in the air for your backoffice to get an application in the air.

benefits of blockchain; immutability, decentralisation, transparency (public blockchain), privacy (monero private blockchain) and mos

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More Transparent
More Secure
More Traceable
More Efficient
Higher Speed
More Cost Efficient

Decentralisation, immutability, security, transparency (except for privacy coins), no middle-men

Blockchain technology allow to build project on top of it without needing approval from 3rd parties.
It is more secure at some point because it is decentralized and there is no central source of authority. There is also no central point of failure and is harder to hack.

Blockchain technology allow open and transparent commercial activity around the world.

Yes, I can see the keywords for benefits of blockchain expressed.