Backend Technologies - Reading Assignment

  1. How does a backend application normally store information?
    In SQL or NoSQL databases
  2. Name a few things backend developers need to do.
    How to write secure, stable, and worthy code. Also made possible interactions with other possible apps for further development
  3. What is a technology stack?
    Array of different technologies that used in development process and have different purposes
  4. Name a popular backend stack.
    NodeJS, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure
  5. Why is NodeJS convenient for front-end developers who want to start programming backend?
    because it it JavaScript that running on the background

  1. in a database
  2. database coding interaction, provide connectivity to frontend, manage security and scalability.
    3.a set of technologies that are used in unison.
  3. it is based on Javascript so a frontend developer would already be familiar with it.