I’m going to interview the developers behind the Raiden Network. What questions would you like me to ask guys?



Can Raiden only be applied to Ethereum or other projects such as NEO and Lisk also?


Are transactions on the Raiden Network as secure as onchain transactions?


What is the timeline for Raiden Network deployment?


Are there synergies and / or collaborations between the Raiden and Plasma teams?


What are the differences between Raiden and µRaiden?


ERC20 tokens are supported, does this mean there should be a raiden network for every token?


Not sure if its too late, but I’d really like to hear their thoughts on why they felt they needed to do an ICO.


Hi Kim,

Blockchains supporting the Ethereum Virtual Machine will be able to use the Raiden Network after manual modification to work with their API. While this is not a focus of current development, it is reasonable to expect the Raiden Network to work with Polkadot, Dfinitiy, Cosmo, Hyperledger Burrow, EOS and others.


Hi Lasergurke,

your transactions are backed by an onchain deposit. Every Transaction within a payment channel is signed by the other party. When a payment channel is closed by you or your partner, the other party is asked to show their last signed transaction. As long as you show your highest transaction, your transactions are as secure as onchain transactions. But if you are offline for some time and did not use a service to watch your channel, you might lose the transactions you received.


Hi Bradyswenson,

Im sorry, but the answer is: “When it’s done”

There is a working implementation of µRaiden, which will be deployed on the Ethereum main net shortly.

The Raiden Network is still in development. A developer preview has been released and allows Dapp developers to get a first impression of the API and the properties of the system, also enabling them to build prototypes that interact with the Raiden Ropsten-based test network. In its current state the technology is not ready for production use. Significant tooling and even changes to the core protocol still need to be developed.


Hi cybernatic,

i think its easier to explain it with a video:

µRaiden is a one directional payment as shown at 1:55-3:05
The Raiden Network consists of many nodes with bidirectional payment channels from 3:05


Hi Rigario,

have a look at this blogpost: I think most questions are answered there.


Yup, I’ve read the post, in fact I started a thread here with that post :smile:

I’m actually more wondering why the ICO was announced so late as opposed to making it clear from the start that it would be an ICO. It makes me wonder if raidex will have an ICO too?

How is Raidex coming along anyway?


Guys, the Raiden team didn’t have time to do an interview so @AlexBoerger will answer all your questions here :slight_smile:


I just saw on their that RDN token will be ready for launch on October 18th. My question is where will the auction take place, on their website? Thank you.


Is there another team out there working on Scalability that Raiden is running against or alongside?