Any tutorial how to make cloud mining?


Hi guys i am really inlove crypto mining then i started thinking about hows it worked out

so anyone can tell me how to start like web mining?
that can register users and mining too?

thank u for answering my question in advance god bless u


I’m by no means a mining expert so will leave it to others to address this question, just to get things started:

  • Are you looking at mining specific coins / Bitcoin only / Alt coins only?
  • Are you looking at joining cloud mining groups?
  • Are you looking at setting up your own mining enterprise?

For Bitcoin cloud mining, I understand that is a pretty good deal and solid service (again I’m not an expert and I do not mine).

I also heard GainBitcoin was decent but as far as I’m aware they are insolvent by now.

Another decent one would be, as far as I’m aware they are still operational.

I do think you need to invest quite a bit of time in researching the organisation you end up using, like everything crypto, it can be a minefield out there.


I love monero what i want is making own website and apps minning

i am looking for tuts


From what I’ve seen, most cloud service providers are against using their services for mining and actually block projects related to mining, you can get away with it for a while but as soon as they discover mining activities they will simply stop them.

If you still want to venture into this, I’d suggest reading up on the following threads on Reddit that actually have instructions on how to set it up, just to be clear, this isn’t an easy undertaking and will likely cost you some cash investment to get started:

Cloud mining discussion:

Free cloud mining tutorial on Monero:

Google cloud tutorial video on how to get started with mining Monero:


Thank you for this info bro but i already do this threads anyway have hear offering 100gh power hash use this code if u want to try i hear they good and legit too


There is zero company information on the website, the FAQ has less than one line answers to what should be serious questions, there is zero explanation on how they operate and guarantee your supposed % interest and nobody in the world can guarantee you a 1% daily interest, it simply cannot be done.

This is a scam I’m afraid and I’d suggest you don’t put any money in it.


I have some 256 hash power on genesis mining. Any idea what coin it the best to mine on their site? Up till now i’ve only been ming btc, but i’m wondering if there is a more profitable option?