Agile Lecture (Project Management)

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Hello Ivan,

I found the agile section very interesting but in my opinion you missed an opportunity here.
For me agile is not an unknown concept so when you talked about “blurred roles” it got my serious attention because I see this in my real life also as a problem. If communication comes from all directions to de developers (front end or backend) they get an information overload and we need a leader indeed.
But how will we put that leader inside that concept without ruining the concept itself and without ending in chaos.

Can you explain what your vision is to solve that problem ? Where would you put that leader en how would that affect communication ?

thnx, keep up the good work, I really love the videos

I little bit of feedback here. You started the video with the words that you’re gone talk about Agile…but you never explained what is Agile all about. Is it a concept, is it a software, is it a method?

It’s far more easier for the student if this basics to be explained in the very beginning rather then not at all.