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Here we chat, hang out and talk about random topics. Perfect place to get in touch and mingle with other members of our crypto family.


Wow, nice job Ivan! Glad you are moving here from Slack! I think forum is much better!


I agree my friend:) The Slack was a good experiment but I agree with you that a forum is a far better platform for us


Congrats on creating this forum! Brilliant ! How about having a ticker on the home PAGE… example, community members logged in, current Bitcoin price…stc…


good idea! will see how this can be done :slight_smile: glad you like it so far!


BTW…great YouTube channel…keep up the great work in educating the crypto space!


wondering if maybe this would be a sort of good space to introduce people here for asking about ICOs by injecting a crypto blogspot directly into an ICO website


I subscribed to your youtube also Ivan. I coded a coin from your tutorials. I will be subscribing to your tutorial lesson program now as I have not much funds but this is very important to me to learn and I see you are offering this course for $90.


I’ve looking for Water Cooler for my room. Literally!