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Hello I’m starting the course so hello averybody.


:tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkles:Congratulations! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkles:

Don’t forget to celebrate your success @takJohn, and that applies to all members of this community.

Everytime that you finish one of the parts in the cource or participate in the community, tell yourself “I showed up!” and celebrate that you did! Remember what @ivan said about mindset:

Being successful in learning complex things such as programming and technology is all about mindset. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

So don’t forget to celebrate! :confetti_ball::balloon::tada::sparkles:


Hello Ivan,

i try to log into my account to enter the Course but am thrown out all the time. Are there any issues on the Webpages?

thanks for info


hey is there a thread to note typos in the course? i found a typo… where do i post it?


How long did it take you to complete the entire course?


Not sure in terms of the exact hours but it was within 20 days.


I am excited to learn the course. Thanks Ivan. Greeting from the Philippines!