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I’ve enrolled in the courses but can’t seem to locate them, where are they?


Hello Ivan, hello everyone,
I am happy to be in this course and hope we could all help each other.
thanks Ivan and your team for doing this course and sharing your knowlege.
also thanks to make this forum on this platform.

Have a nice day


Hi Ivan

Will we get a certificate at the end of the course?


Yes we will get certificate, but they do not have any official worth. :slight_smile:
It is just that you have some proof. Your skills are your only certificate. :wink:


@ivan can you place subs in English on your Smart Contract course? To understand you better.



Your statement is exactly what I’ve been saying to myself. Someone give me more time, please! Thankful the course is set out as a series of objectives and can be self-paced.


Hello Ivan, i find your videos informative and I’m looking forward to gaining even more from your course, thanks.


Hey Ivan & Co, Love the content brother and am looking forward to learning to code with this course. Mostly so i can build out my project idea and not have to rely on other people doing stuff i know nothing about.


sorry for late start guys, my uncle died and i was a bit busy. now i’m ready to get started and looking forward to meet other students on board.
Hello everyone!


I downloaded teachable app from app store. Now I can access this course on my iPhone as well.


Me too,but embracing the challenge!


Hi Ivan, Rick D from Montreal, Canada here. Looking forward to learning programming with you and all the other students.


ok am good to go and give it a shot


Hi Ivan and everyone else, bit late starting this course and a total newbie to programming, but looking forward to learning some new skills


Hi! Is it OK to buy this book instead of the one you link to on Amazon?:


I think its the same but a 2nd edition - or might the chapters/text be reorganized so it´s difficult to follow the course? If it takes a few days to receive the book is it better to wait to start the course until the book arrives? Or how far into the course do we need the book?



Just knocked out the first couple sections of your Programming course… Fantastic job! Great approach from both a micro and macro level - excited to expand my knowledge on blockchain and track the development of the technology as it emerges as a viable solution. Very much Enjoy your morning show!!


Once the course is finish, what jobs can we find in the blockchain industry ? and what are the best way to find a job in this in this industry ?


For those that are still interested, I have just received my certificate - not sure how much weight these things carry on their own but I learned a lot and that’s the main thing. Now i’ve just got to apply what i’ve learnt.


I am stuck on 99%, there are 2 sections that I check and it goes to 100% but when I return I get 99%, I guess this is presented at 100%? The sections in question are MacOS Installation and Demonstration and Key take aways


Hey Ivan, I’ve been following you on YouTube for a while now (some great content :slight_smile: ), and when I heard about this course I jumped at the chance. Really looking forward to getting stuck in to the content and with meeting like minded peeps.