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Just signed up on toshi times. Just a newb interested in cryptocurrencies…on the internet. I’m excited to start learning.


I’m realy excited to be in this class. I’m from Los Angeles, but living in Saudi Arabia. I’ve worked a bit with MySQL and have been trying to learn HTML, CSS and PHP through an Udemy course, but it has been a bit frustrating. I looking forward to helping provide meaningful solutions to at my current job and beyond using block chain technology.


Call me Kyle.

I have a lot of passion for Distributed Ledger Technology, and a fair amount of experience in technology from working in the IT department at a Fortune 50 company for the past 7 years.

While programming is not my primary role, I am working towards improving my skills so that one day it will be.

My ultimate goal is to develop a system that drastically improves human sustainability for the long term.

I am very excited to start this course as my next step in a long journey to accomplishing my mission.


Love your good morning show Ivan! Greetings from Algeria


Accessed the course from home. The default is set to auto and I can access the content with 1080p. Looks like it is connection issue. Thanks @Mauro for your help.


Watching courses with all thing working well!


I’m a Chinese student who is going to graduate from senior school, so I have to prepare the Gaokao (National Higher Education Entrance Examination) this week with no time to donging any other things. After 8th, I’ll be free to learn what I want to learn.


So exited to be here!


Hello Ivan. Thank you for your work and dedication to education and adoption for crypto! I hope that this course will give me some of the tools needed to become an active contributor in the space! Greetings from southern Indiana, Midwest, United States.


Ready to rock and roll here, never programmed even an alarm in the watch. :joy: looking forward to it


Greetings from the Buffalo/Niagara region of New York!


Greetings from London!


Glad to be here! Just enrolled and starting the course :slight_smile:

Thank you Ivan, hope to learn as much as possible in this space, because truly believe blockchain will be the future.

HI ALL!!!:+1::wave:


Can’t wait to start the course … wish I had more time off from work :slight_smile:


Let’s do this! :smile:


same here we will do it


No problem. Glad I could help out. :smiley:


Hi Guys, I’m really excited to be a part of this group and looking forward to the learning task ahead. A big thanks to Ivan and his team for putting this together and for the great work on the Youtube channel. Keep it up man :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’m new to programming.

Happy to be part of this beautiful community. We will have fun while learning.

Good luck to all


I sm so happy to be in the academy. Ivan i been watching you for 6 month thanks for your hard work._


Hello!!! All I want to say is that IVAN is one of the best online Tutor available in our time. I am really liking this course. Thanks IVAN