About the Blockchain Programming Course category


This is the thread for everyone who is enrolled in our Smart Contract Programming course. This is the place we hang out, help each other out and discuss the topics and exercises covered in the course.

If you haven’t, enroll in the course here (https://coding.ivanontech.com) and learn:

  1. Programming from scratch
  2. Programming on Ethereum
  3. Programming on NEM
  4. Programming on EOS

No prior knowledge needed.


I am ready to start Ivan , really very exited for this course. By the way i never missed a good morning ivan on tech , and let me tell you that because of you i will try to get in the learning path again. thanks


Greetings everyone, excited to be starting the course. Is there any type of certificate from the course and if so what are the requirements? I have been doing full time web dev for quite some time and think I could probably skip the html/javascript section, but everything else seems like it would be beneficial(I have done c++ but it was over 15 years ago)


Thanks Ivan and Hi everyone. Layout of the course is clean and video quality excellent as usual.
Time to get to work…


Hey Ivan, I just received the enroll email. I’m ready.

Printf(“Hello World”);



I have rolled up my sleeves and am eager to learn.

Lets go!!!


Finaly we can begin awesome.


We should also have an area where we, the amateurs and newbies, could interact in spanish with more advanced programmers.


Would the second edition of the book suffice? The third edition is not available in print in Spain (yet).


Very hello! :slight_smile: thank you for the opportunity Ivan.


Hi Ivan thank you for the great job you are doing in the community, and also thanks for the opportunity to pick your brain and extract some of your great knowledge


Hi Ivan,
I already bought the course but when I try to see it says " Lecture contents locked" " Enroll in Course to Unlock"
and im already signed in.

sorry in advance in im in the wrong place to ask this question!


I just started the course and I am so into it. Can’t wait to see how much Ivan and Filip know about programming. :slight_smile: I am also waiting for a discount on the blockchain fundamentals. I am new to programming so I may have a lot of questions but I will try to help others too. Thank you Ivan for such an amazing opportunity for such a low price. <3


For every problem you encounter when it comes to technical issues you will need to contact academy@ivanontech.com and for any problems you encounter with the content in the course such as errors in your program you should use forums for discussions. Hope this helps and I hope you get your problem resolved quickly.


I’m one of those few who never did any programming at all, so can’t wait to see how I will fare in the course. Thank you for the opportunity Ivan!


Don’t worry I am also completely new to programming, however I do know quite a lot about computers in general. We all have to start from somewhere. We got it! :slight_smile:


I just started the course. Thanks Ivan for creating the course. I am excited to learn it.

The video always default to 540p. I prefer to have to as 740p or 1080p for the entire course. I can change it when the video is playing but I need to do the same thing for each video. is there any option to make the change for all the course?


Mine auto selects to 1080p. Make sure your screen resolution is set to 1080p and ensure you connection is fast. Having a slow connection on youutbe means auto selecting the lower quality to make sure the video will not stutter. At least that is what happens to me on youtube and I guess same thing happens here on the course. This is the only thing I can think of right now. I will update you if I find something for sure. Hope you get it fixed soon. :slight_smile:


Okay. Thanks. Let me try other options.

I am from US and at work location now. I can download GB files in minutes. It is very fast connection at work. Let me try other options and see how it works from home.


Could we please get a ‘Reply’ butting at the top of the page and possible reverse the order of the forum? Not complaining, just thinking that if any topics get long, scrolling through is going to put people off :slight_smile: