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This section is dedicated to our newbies. You are all very welcome! Get knowledge here!


Thank you, kindly. I am going to join your academy courses to help myself learn to code a secure coin foundation and ecosystem blockchain as the outcome.

Is the pre sale with your private live-stream video feed still available? I pray i haven’t missed that opportunity also as I have just learned of your academy and learning class offering. I hope and pray to hear back kindly. Thank you.



Buying your course right now.


#SmashTheLikes _ _ _


I am a little confused about the forum.
Is there only “replying” to something?
I miss the “new message” button to start my introduction.
How to do the introduction right? (replying to the thread?)


I just experienced something I would like to share to any newbies. I am well seasoned with using a computer but I was stumped and thought this may happen to someone else.

*** Posting a Reply ***
Make sure your task bar if it’s at the bottom of your screen is not in the way of your reply button. (I had to move mine to the right side of computer screen. I spent 15 minutes looking for the submit button or reply button.



Hi Ivan

I’m currently studying your programming course and really enjoyed. I’m impressed with the amount of content and structure of it, specially for $89 (I’m one of the early birds:) Amazing.

Now I’m on the HTML course, the coding and learning part are easy, the only thing troubles me is with Mac Atom Text Editor.

I’ve searched on Google, but couldn’t find the answer or possibly wrong search term, or even the question is too obvious, but 'I CANT RUN SAVED HTML ON BROWSER"???

Please help ~~~~~ . attached screen shot, hope it clarify my question. Thanks



Hi Hans,
I have just started the course and was trying to do the introduction message.
Did you find out if there was a “new message” button?
All I have found is Reply so far.


Hi PDCarswell,
no, there seems to be no “new message” button.
But there is a “introduce yourself” in the watercooler section.
There i did the intro



Thank you.
Just discovered you need at least 20 characters in a post.



i feel like i m going through the course too fast and keep having to kind of start over again a couple of times.