A quick summary of TenX and PAY


What is TenX?
TenX is a multi-blockchain service that allows you to spend your crypto currency directly as currency in the real world.
This is their website.

Their main offering right now is a wallet and a card. But to be honest, not many people care about the wallet part of the thing. The cool part is the card. The card is basically a pre-paid VISA card that is funded by your Ten X crypto currency wallet.

When you sign your card, Ten X handles (and bares the risk) of converting your fiat to crypto allowing you to transact immediately.

Another thing they are trying to build is a network which allows different blockchains to become inter-operable. Something they are calling the COMIT Network.

What is PAY?
PAY is the token they offered in their ICO and is currently the thing that best tracks the value of the Ten X company. There are 2 main interactions around PAY, one for the token holder and another for the card holder.

Token holders basically get paid out based on the amount of PAY they have. They are paid based on the transactions that happen in the network.

Card holders get PAY when they spend on their card. I think of it a little as reward points.

Which currencies are supported?
Right now their main coin is BTC. However it is said that ETH and some ERC20 coins are coming soon.

I wanted to take some time to help introduce people to TenX. I want to make clear that I don’t work for the company, so I might be wrong. I hope someone has found this useful.


Thoughts on Tenx competitors such as the over hyped Centa and Monaco …Whick one has the best chance of reaching more adoption?


Monaco flopped on its wallet and doesn’t have a working product. There is also the issue of getting a card issuer and Wavecrest is no longer an option. I have no idea what Centa is.

TenX has a working product, a very visible team and a plan to open source their wallet etc in the future.

TenX will get a banking license and be able to issue their own cards in 2018!

TenX is working on creating the first crypto credit card!

I want to know more about COMIT, it sounds a bit like it could disrupt exchanges a bit. On the research side there is a working product for COMIT, scaleability is next.

I think TenX has the lead and is going to run circles around their competition.


Thx for your points. I have looked at all dapps regarding crypto wallets. I hold large positions on Tenx and believe in their vision. Centra just launched their ico on the 19th…they are making big claims and promises…ive read they are a bit scammy …but can’t pass judgement until they show proof.


Centra promises a lot of the things Ten X does. To an extent that sounds dodgy (in my opinion). They are making very generous claims on the level of rebates and pay outs. That is always something to be skeptical about.

Importantly, they don’t seem to actually have a working product. I’ve taken quite a deep look at the Ten X model and believe it is truly not that easy to replicate leading me to believe that Centra’s claims are too good to be true. I’m not sure Centra’s team will be able to actually deliver.

Given the complexities, I remain skeptical on all the other projects till I see real life people spending on their card. I am one of the lucky few that actually have a working Ten X card. In that sense, Ten X has literally put the money where their mouth is. Unfortunately, I won’t have it for much longer thank to the wavecrest nonsense :cry:


I agree with that…also, when a company spends big $$ on celebs like Mayweather, business as usual marketing…brings more scepticism.


To be fair, some people like it some people don’t. But the mayweather + their dodgy site makes it look like they are out for a quick buck.


Comparing the Different Credit/Debit Cryptocards


I went to the TenX office in Singapore before the ICO and had some food with the team :smiley:
The team and energy there is amazing loving the card and the apps … but what I dislike is that they pulled back the cards outside of Europe.

And also my biggest concerns I would like to rise is that … crypto cards that are running over the visa network will get a hard to to operate once Visa will also offer crypto via thier card service wich will come for sure when companies like TenX are succesfull …

I found Proxy card wich will make their own network.

Not sure if they can pull this off what do you guys think?


When the TenX card will be available in the U.S.?


I think making their own network is going to be more trouble than its worth. Look at american express, its pretty useless outside of the US which points to onboarding merchants as being a huge problem.

I don’t think the providers like VISA and Mastercard offering their own offering will be a huge problem. I think crypto companies like TenX can co-exist. Just like the way bank offered cards can co-exist in today’s credit card world. They just need to figure out how they are going to bring value to the customer.

@Takuya I don’t think there is a hard date yet, especially not with the wavecrest problem. My guess? Probably some time early half of next year.


Wow really @amadeobrands ? Do you live their? Hmm I hope they grow strong. I really like this company and have a good feeling about it. I like the transparency and how the act in the social medias.


Rigario, thanks for sharing that you are using an actual crypto product! Please keep us posted on how the experience with this card goes in the future. I would love to know this.


I am really exited about TenX, just read their white paper today, gutted I missed their ICO when it was 350 tokens per 1 Eth, but never mind, its still priced cheap right now in my opinion. The white paper is well worth a read, https://www.tenx.tech/whitepaper/tenx_whitepaper_final.pdf

They are doing something huge that will benefit the entire crypto community, they are creating a direct link from cryto’s to the real world, that is to make BTC, ETH, IOTA, DASH etc. spendable directly from a crypto wallet in any outlet that accepts visa. The use of visa is only temporary until they get their own banking licence. In my opinion this is a key step in the evolution of cryptos, it makes them usable to the mainstream. If I understood the paper correctly it even seems that they will eventually provide a trustless alternative to exchanges, something else we really need.


I do not live in Singapore I was there for work at that time.


For what its worth, the card is awesome and works as advertised. I would love to be one of the lucky guys who had ETH transactions enabled, since I’m mostly holding ETH and ended up having to just get some BTC to use the card. But overall the experience is smooth between the app and the card.

I’m not looking forward to losing the cards to the wavecrest debacle in a few weeks but at the same time looking forward to the new card in a few more.

With respects to the price. Given the wavecrest problems, I think the price will languish around this price for awhile more before we see upside once a new provider is announced. Decent time to get into the coin if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:


Good recommendation to buy. Nows the time to buy before China ramps up again.

The card looks like money being black on black if you know what I mean. Do you have an option to have the logo of your favorite coin? I looked at some cards online and they don’t really show so much the alt coin logos. I feel like since the market is so new that this is a missed opportunity to advertise/educate and catch the attention of people who don’t know about crypto. On the other hand it also would broadcast to tellers that your account is crypto based and since we are the .01% right now that owns crypto worldwide if your crypto can stand the test of time you are advertising to thieves that you may have a lot of money.

I would be curious to know your thoughts on this.


An other great weekly Q&A.
I think this is a great buy point.


amadeobrands, I couldn’t agree with Julian more. In my opinion fudge token holders until the company builds value which in turn builds true value for the token. The company is paying the token holders back with transparency. The amount of tweets I get from Tenx alone is proof of that.

I dislike “moon” statements, I don’t want to go to the moon, I want to be gobsmacked.


To be clear, there a few things causing the dip right now. I just want to provide everyone with the most amount of info so that they can make an educated decision :stuck_out_tongue:

  • China FUD related to ICOs in general caused a dip in all alt coins vs ETH/BTC. These guys had a huge ICO, but the good thing is that it has been some time since their ICO and they are unlikely to be affected
  • Wavecrest stopped support outside of Europe. Wavecrest is their debit card provider. However they have said in many interviews / blogs that they already have another partner lined up. This partner is likely to be better and might even provide contactless payment. It is likely they are choosing not to reveal their partner so that other ICOs can’t approach them yet. At least not until they build up a good stockpile of cards
  • There is a whole scandal around their CEO and how he was involved in some pyramid style company. However he has also actually addressed that in the past and has mentioned that while he is not proud of working there, it has taught him many things. At this point, I think this is a non-factor, but this is certainly contributing to the FUD.

Overall, the coin is probably at some kind of low right now. Sure, it has some more to go before it hits ICO price, but entry looks decent around now.

As for your point about the card itself, I agree on some points but disagree on others. I think certainly the current card (especially the temp card) looks like crap. but I think their actual card (at least the mocks) looks sleek. I think making sure the card looks professional and no different from another card is important in their business model.

Sometime ago, there was this reddit post on their subreddit where a dude told a merchant he just paid in bitcoin and the merchant freaked out and I can see this being the case. So I think for some people, having the card look normal is a plus, for others, having the cards stand out is a plus. Perhaps a choice is nice. But I think until they reach some massive volume, customization is probably just a pipe dream…