A big MORNING to you all guys. So what do YOU hope to acheive from this academy?

Hi all. I’m starting with virtually no knowledge on programming, but I am aimimng to get employed within the blockchain industry as a dev in some capacity. What about you?

Same here (no knowledge), Jason. Programming? It’s like learning a foreign language…!?! :laughing: :laughing:

I hope to apply smart contracts to my industry - education - but fail to see how, currently anyways. I teach English as a foreign language abroad.

Love the crypto space; been following it for a while now and find it totally fascintating but don’t know where this road will lead me.

Early days, early days…

Tis early day mate. I’m hoping the same. With more insight, the opportunities should present themselves! You cant make anything until youve got lots of tools in your bag. Very interesting about the education angle. Thats a huge sector. If I happen to think of any angles I’ll let you know. If we fire ideas at each other, you never know hey.


What about yourself? What kind of area/s are you looking to find opportunities in?

What’s your past work experience/areas of expertise?

My work background is in my bio, and its diverse lol. As for final blockchain career direction…I dont really know yet. I just completed Blockchain & Bitcoin 101, and THINK I might do the Blockchain in Business course next, before going down the Ethereum/Solidity programming route. It seems Ethereum offers the most potential to me.

Re. Education ideas. When picking my boy up earlier, I wondered if a ‘school-net’ or ‘scholar-net’ (whatever you wanna call it lol) idea was feasible. Ie a main application that had plugin smart contracts available to suit the institution. SC’s would be global/regional dynamic databases for…timetables, results, food suppliers, expenses, funding…etc. Each SC would be configarable and offer user defined access to staff only/parents/children/public etc. Schools could see other schools fresh food suppliers and maybe prices to find whos using who, whos local/cheaper etc. How is that school performing. Should I send my child to that school (check results/attendance table).

Seems a massive idea. Just thought id mention it lol.